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United Hands is structured to provide many volunteer opportunities throughout all communities. We understand it can take one individual or a team in order to make the biggest impact in the everyday lives of all who are struggling with these issues so we appreciate your time and service. Our volunteers are the foundation of our organization and they remind us of this everyday. Volunteers collect, sort, pack, and distribute food across their communities and the Los Angeles area. The effort our volunteers put in make a difference and help United Hands run smoothly and efficiently. 


Collecting, sorting & packing: Volunteers collect donations, sort them by category and assemble them to prepare for distribution. 
Distributing: Volunteers will deliver food to low-income homes, and the homeless. 
Light assistance + clean up: Assistance can range from administrative work, to carrying food for families, and cleaning up after.
Office work: Office work will range from sorting paperwork, keeping track of donations and meals prepared as well as photography and videography opportunities.
Volunteering from home: Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Get connected on our socials and stay up-to-date with United Hands! 


Image by Joel Muniz

*Covid-19 Volunteer Update

The homeless, elderly and low-income families are the most vulnerable during this time. We want to continue and make sure they have the necessities in order to survive and stay safe. With this being said, we are on the front lines providing meals and supplies to protect them and care for them, all while staying safe and maintaining the proper distance as well as other safety precautions. 

Our volunteers are also our main priority and want to ensure your safety while doing so. Taking safety measures are in order to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. 

- Stay home if you feel sick

- Follow the safety guidelines United Hands has implemented 

- Follow CDC safety guidelines

Why should you volunteer?

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to make and see a change in your community. You are given the chance to bring joy and a smile to someone else's life. You create a tremendous impact that goes beyond our mission and organization. Providing the everyday necessities to those who desperately need it is the step to change everywhere else.

Our volunteer opportunities are great for anyone and any ages! Kids can volunteer alongside their parents or with their parents permission. Students and individuals looking for experience, volunteer hours or boosting their resume can join us and support the fight against hunger. 

​​Help make a difference in your community and sign up to volunteer today!


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